Quality Measurement

Do you know the asset value of your IT systems? Do you know how much effort has been put into development so far and do you have any idea about the estimated maintenance cost? What do you know about your software quality?


Measuring and assessing application software is a basic requirement in both IT decision making process and IT governance. IT governance primarily deals with guarding the interactions between business processes and IT management. The goal of governance is to assure that investments enhance primary business processes and risks associated with IT projects are mitigated. This requires standardized and normalized measurements such as key performance indicators, or KPI's, as used in financial planning.

G4 Dashboard meets market demands for application software related KPI's.

Quality measurements are necessary to make effective decisions in the major IT areas of legacy maintenance, system development, package implementation and outsourcing. The measurement and performance factors made available through G4 Dashboard not only fulfill this role, but also become an activator for software quality improvements. At governance level G4 Dashboard gives risk control its required maturity .

Customer advantages

  • Quantitative and qualitative accountability of the Information Planning Process.
  • IT-decision making process supported with facts rather than rough estimates of manual or procedural derived opinions.
  • Any disputes and discussions with suppliers, project members, stakeholders etc. can be factually and objectively accounted for.
  • Legacy application changes can be precisely planned and budgeted due to the normalized FPA and related cost figures per application component or in total.
  • Effective decision making with regard to application parts that should be continued or phased out during joiners, mergers, acquisitions, package selection etc.
  • Software quality improvement process based on objective facts made available to management, which next can trigger the execution levels through effective drill down analysis functions to the precise spot of cause and effect in the source code itself.
  • G4 Dashboard is based on the only valuable and trusted basis of information: The source code itself because the Truth is In The Source.
  • G4 Dashboard is part of an integrated solution platform for application analysis, documentation, conversion, migration, modernization, assessment and testing.